“The Shampoo works really well on the kids. Very gentle going though their hair, feels soft and smells really good!  And Emilie’s hair always tangles up a lot in the morning. She will yell badly when I comb through her hair, now we have the Peaches & Cream Detangler, she feels much better now that her hair doesn’t break.”

- Kelly N. 

“Frankly speaking, I have not seen any hair care range for kids paying attention to so much detailing on the packaging. pout care definitely gets a nod of approval from kids!♥♥♥ We all loved the Hair Wax! Hold that this wax provides is very good...Spiky look for those special occasions is so easy to get. My girl used it on her unruly bangs.”

- Shubhada B.

“This shampoo is so creamy and soft that your hair will smell like strawberry and so refreshing. By the way, I couldn’t resist it and tried on my hairs too. Voila! Perfect straight hairs and I don’t even need to condition them.”

- Pooja K.

“Ever since we were gifted with the pout Care range of hair products, Yasmin looks forward to washing her hair everyday. Coming from a girl who hates getting her eyes wet whenever we wash her hair, that’s amazing! I think it has a lot to do with the cute characters showcased on each bottle.”

- Danessa F.

"My girl loves the scent. Her hair doesn't feel dry after a swim so I guess it works for chlorine!"

- Jolene